Thiruvarul Foundation a non-profitable, charity organization started in the year 2005 with an objective to create awareness on basic principles of human life with the help our ancient epic and sangam (Iyal, Isai ,Nadagam) literature.

Information Technology like E-books, Audio CD’s, Video DVD’S, E-Content, Web portal, Apps etc., has been used as tools to create awareness which can be understood by a common man.

So far we have been able to cover following areas as part of our awareness programs

1. Fundamentals of education in Basic human life style.
2. Awareness on Basic Skill Development for employment.
3. Epics and one of the most revered ancients works “ Thirukkural”
4. Health awareness with natural food/natural resources.
5. Adaptive to Natural Resources and using the same for Human Life Development using Modern Technology.